The Retention Phase of Orthodontics

The Retention Phase of Orthodontics

At Starnes Orthodontics, our aim is to provide all those in and around Newport Coast, Newport Beach, and Costa Mesa with high-quality braces and other orthodontic treatments. As your trusted Costa Mesa orthodontist, we want to see you attain a healthier and straighter smile and we’ll be with you every step of the way. While many of our patients are thrilled when it’s finally time to take their braces off, it’s important to remind you that the orthodontic process isn’t over quite yet. There’s still one last critical phase of the entire procedure – the retention phase.

Retention – Just as Vital as the Rest of the Treatment

While the purpose of braces and Invisalign is to shift your teeth into a proper alignment and give you a healthy bite, the purpose of the retention phase is to maintain your new and beautiful smile. After your braces are removed, your teeth can be vulnerable to shifting back into a bad alignment. However, by wearing a retainer as prescribed by your orthodontist, you’ll be able to keep your teeth in your new, beautiful alignment. Using a retainer will ensure the optimal stability of the orthodontic treatment. You don’t want to see all that time, money, and effort you already spent go to waste, so make sure to wear your retainer as much as needed!

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