Why is The Summer The Best Time For Orthodontics?

Why is The Summer The Best Time For Orthodontics?

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School is almost out and the summer sun is on its way. From exciting trips to amazing food at those summer barbeques, it’s also the perfect time for your kids to get started on the path to a new, healthier smile. Starting orthodontic treatment during the summer is perfect for kids compared to the rest of the year, but you’re probably wondering why. Here are some advantages to starting orthodontic treatment in the summertime.

A Head Start Before School Comes Back

With your kids out of school, they’re taking a little break from seeing all of their friends every day. Even though orthodontic treatment will last longer than summer break, the beginning stages of wearing braces can be slightly uncomfortable for your kids while they adjust to their new braces. By starting during summer, your kids will be able to take the time to adjust while they’re away from their friends and enjoying their time off. When they’re used to their braces when they start school again, they’ll be able to enjoy the time with their friends and focus on the things that they love.

Easier to Schedule with the Orthodontist

While your kids are out of school, you get a break from all of the after-school extracurriculars, sports team practices, and homework. While your kids spend some more time at home, it’ll be easier to schedule appointments for orthodontic checkups with us at Starnes Orthodontics. No crazy schedules where you have to barely squeeze in an appointment before having to make it to soccer practice minutes later; just easy, summertime scheduling.

Summer Growth Spurts with Kids

Studies in growth for kids has shown that their biggest growth spurts happen during the summer. While your kids are going through their growth spurts, the structure of their jaws and teeth are also changing. During orthodontic treatment, these are key stages of adjusting the bite to make sure that your child’s development is on track to create the perfect smile.

Give You Child a Future of Healthy Smiles

At Starnes Orthodontics, we love working with kids and helping them shape their smiles to be perfect and healthy, so they can enjoy a future full of radiant smiles that’s free of dental and orthodontic problems. Contact us and schedule an appointment for your kids to get started with their orthodontic treatment today!