Adult and Kids Orthodontic Treatment

Adult and Kids Orthodontic Treatment

The Difference Between Adult and Kids Orthodontic Treatment
Posted on 08/17/2017

With all the amazing developments made in orthodontics in recent years, like clear removable Invisalign aligners, many of the patients we serve at our Newport Coast orthodontics practice are adults, even though orthodontics is commonly associated with children and teens. There are some significant differences between adult and childhood orthodontic treatment that are worth knowing before making the decision to pursue treatment. Below, we’ve outlined the key differences so you’re aware of how treatment differs for adults and kids.

Adults Often Have Conditions Younger Patients Don’t Have

Many adult patients have conditions that younger patients do not suffer from like the early stages of gum disease, insufficient bone mass, and even bone loss. All these conditions make it much more challenging for orthodontists to do their jobs at aligning the teeth and jaws. And since the adult jaw is no longer growing, the bones are harder than the jaw bones of kids. Once an adult is fitted with braces or Invisalign, it typically takes longer for the teeth to move into their new positions. All these conditions are referred to as biomechanical limitations, which means that tooth realignment in adults is typically a longer and more complex process than that for younger patients.

Bite Correction Issues

One the main reasons for orthodontic treatment is to correct an improper bite or malocclusion. When an adult undergoes orthodontic treatment for a malocclusion like a deep overbite, there is often insufficient room available in the mouth to make space for the teeth to move back without having to extract one or more teeth. Another common issue facing adults are teeth that are worn down, which can make a problem like an overbite worse. Orthodontists like Dr. Starnes call these types of problems perio - restorative issues. Instead of trying to make an adult patient’s bite perfect, orthodontists instead focus on making the adult’s bite more functional.

Adults Have Many Aesthetic Concerns

Many adults decide not to undergo orthodontic treatment because they’re concerned about how they will look while wearing braces. This is especially true for working adults who are worried about what their co-workers, customers, and clients will think when they see them with braces on their teeth. But today, there are more options available for braces designed with adults in mind, like translucent braces and lingual braces which are bonded to the backside of the teeth. These types of orthodontic appliances are far less conspicuous than conventional metal braces, to give adults all the confidence they need to smile broadly for the entire time they’re undergoing treatment.

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