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With all the amazing developments made in orthodontics in recent years, like clear removable Invisalign aligners, many of the patients we serve at our Newport Coast orthodontics practice are adults, even though orthodontics is commonly associated with children and teens. There are some significant differences between adult and childhood orthodontic treatment that are worth knowing before making the decision to pursue treatment. Below, we’ve outlined the key differences so you’re aware of how treatment differs for adults and kids.

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At Starnes Orthodontics, we have a range of treatment options in order to best fit the different orthodontic situations we see in our patients. Two of our most popular treatments are braces and Invisalign and in certain patients may have the choice between the two.

As your top local orthodontist in Newport Beach, we like to educate our patients about the treatment options available to them. Here, we compare braces and Invisalign so you can make an informed choice about how we go about improving your smile!

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School is almost out and the summer sun is on its way. From exciting trips to amazing food at those summer barbeques, it’s also the perfect time for your kids to get started on the path to a new, healthier smile. Starting orthodontic treatment during the summer is perfect for kids compared to the rest of the year, but you’re probably wondering why. Here are some advantages to starting orthodontic treatment in the summertime.

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At Starnes Orthodontics, our aim is to provide all those in and around Newport Coast, Newport Beach, and Costa Mesa with high-quality braces and other orthodontic treatments. As your trusted Costa Mesa orthodontist, we want to see you attain a healthier and straighter smile and we’ll be with you every step of the way. While many of our patients are thrilled when it’s finally time to take their braces off, it’s important to remind you that the orthodontic process isn’t over quite yet. There’s still one last critical phase of the entire procedure – the retention phase.

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At Starnes Orthodontics, we understand the value of a healthy smile. That’s why we’re proud to be your Newport Beach orthodontist that specializes in braces and Invisalign. However, you should also know that attaining a healthy smile is about more than just our orthodontic treatments – it’s about maintaining a strong oral hygiene regimen as well. When it comes to oral hygiene, one question that we get asked very frequently is whether you should brush or floss first.

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At Starnes Orthodontics, we treat patients of all ages, including children, in the Newport Beach and Newport Coast areas. Children tend to undergo orthodontic treatment at a much earlier age because the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that all kids receive their first orthodontic evaluation by the time they reach the age of seven.

By the time a child turn seven years of age, the permanent (adult) teeth have begun to come in which allows an orthodontist to identify potential problems with the teeth, jaw, and bite. And since a child is quickly growing and developing, the age of 7 is an ideal time to evaluate a child to determine if orthodontic treatment is necessary immediately or later in life. When a child undergoes early treatment, or interceptive treatment as it is called, it is easier to treat certain conditions at a young age like crowded teeth because the teeth and jaw are still developing. A few decades ago, the solution to crowded teeth was almost always to extract some of the healthy, adult teeth to make space.

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Orthodontic Holiday Snacks  Wonderful Winter Sweets That Are Safe For Braces The team here at Starnes Orthodontics loves the Christmas season and everything it encompasses. Time with family and friends, the giving of happiness and joy towards one another, but probably most importantly, the desserts- cookies, candies, and chocolates galore! Sadly, not all desserts can be enjoyed by those with braces as there is a potential they will cause the brackets to snap and will impede the progress of your teeth alignment moving forward. That being said, there are still many different dessert options you can choose from that won’t harm your braces. So here is a list of some holiday treats that you should snack on and stay away from.

Fudge (No Nuts) What are winter desserts if they don’t include a little fudge to judge? The tasting of fudge is a time-honored tradition, and you can rest easy knowing that consuming it will not impede your orthodontic treatment. This dessert is super delicious and super soft (when baked...
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At Starnes Orthodontics, we understand that all of our patients are unique and come to our Newport Beach office with different orthodontic situations. Dr. Starnes and her team always work to provide orthodontic treatment that’s tailored for each individual patient. We also recognize that some patients may be self-conscious about getting traditional braces for fear of how they’ll look while wearing them. However, Starnes Orthodontics offers two different types of orthodontic treatments that provide a discreet way to realign your teeth: lingual braces and Invisalign.

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At Starnes Orthodontics, our mission is to deliver the best in personalized orthodontic care for all of our patients. We offer a wide variety of braces for those in or around the Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, and Newport Coast areas. We understand that if you’re in need of orthodontic treatment, wearing braces for the first time can be a big lifestyle change. Here at Starnes Orthodontics, we want you to know that our job doesn’t just end when we fit you with your braces. We care about all our patients and want to help you through the entire orthodontic process. Here are a few tips to maintain proper oral hygiene while you’re wearing braces.

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Good oral hygiene is key to a healthy mouth and healthy teeth. Maintaining your oral care during orthodontic treatment is especially important to ensure the results of your treatment are the best they can be. As your local Newport Beach orthodontist, Starnes Orthodontics is a strong advocate of promoting good oral hygiene at a young age, to ensure a lifetime of excellent oral health.

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